Available dogs/puppies

Available adult dogs: – no one for the moment

Available puppies:

– from Regun Q2 litter:

Regun QUELLO – male – brown-roan
Regun QUESTA – female – brown

– from Regun T2 litter: 

Regun TARO – male – brown with tan
Regun TOSCA – female – brown with tan

– from Regun U2 litter: 

Regun UGO – male – brown
Regun UMBRO – male – brown-roan
Regun UNNO- male – white-brown
Regun UZZO – male – brown
Regun ULLA – female – brown
Regun UNGA – female – brown

Dear visitors interested in puppies!

The primary goal of my kennel is to breed for my own purposes. I’m planning litters from which I would like to keep puppies. Since I can’t keep entire litters, I would like to find a place as good as possible for the puppies, where they are loved, taken care of, kept according to their needs, etc., in a word a “perfect owner”.

I have created a questionnaire, and I would like to ask everyone interested in buying a puppy from me to fill this. It helps me to consider your needs when choosing a puppy, so I can give puppies with matching character and properties, therefore sparing a disappointment both for the owner and the dog.

Thank you for your understanding, if you have any questions, please write them into the last field, I will most certainly reply.

If you can’t send the answers with the questionnaire-form, because it doesn’t work for any reason, then please write me these answers in email, at laura@lagotto.hu

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  3. Do you prefer a male or a female?
  4. Do you plan to attend shows and/or breed your dog?
  5. Do you plan to search truffle with your dog? If yes, are you a beginner, or already an experienced searcher?
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